Well, things have changed in the last year. Cattle producers are starting to get paid for their product, EYOT is offering their first crop of May/June bull calves....we have done our first year of no showing and kind of getting settled into semi-retirement. I truly can't say I miss Jan/Feb calving.....and my feet don't miss the showing!

However, EYOT is still striving to produce easy fleshing, easy going, easy doing cattle. The kind that standout in the pasture when they are born, chunky when we wean them and deep, soggy yearlings with hair and muscle. Our bull ration is mostly oats and hay. We strive to offer functional, predicatable genetics that will give easy fleshing performance that will help you with pounds at weaning. 

We will start listing the bulls our website in April. As they will just be coming to be a year old then, most of the bulls will not be ready to go to work until late May or June. We are hoping to keep some over to next year, however if you are interested in a bull, please give a call or stop by and we can make arrangements to carry a bull over to next year.

EYOT is also offering a few Lowline/Gelbvieh cross bulls for those that are looking for a heifer option. 

Purebred heifers have been pretty much sold out this year.  Please let us know if you are in the market, and we can arrange a pasture visit for fall delivery. This will give a great opportunity to check out the dam and the program we have at EYOT.

Have a great summer........

Yes, we have changed our program. Our goal is to make more time for the "bucket list"; however we are not quite ready to give up our herd. Although we are always striving to improve, we are very pleased with our Gelbvieh herd and what they have to offer. Our calving now begins mid-April, as well, we won't be on the "show road". Although it is tempting when you see awesome calves on pasture checks, it doesn't really dovetail with our goal of more time.

Moderate, easy fleshing, easy going, easy doing…….that has been our focus for many years and remains our focus. Cattle that have volume and fleshing ability; naturally. Cattle that are easy to work with, easy to handle and easy to keep. The years of selection are giving us calf crops that show thickness and fleshing ability at a young age on pasture; not having to wait for the feed pen. We will continue to focus on these traits, always striving for that "easy" animal.

We will be offering bulls and females predominately at the farm, with some occasional consignments to feature sales. We continue to offer tans, reds and blacks and will highlight some sale animals through our website, however please call and stop by for a complete tour of our program anytime. Refer to the contact page for directions and contact information.

Please stop by this site often for updates, and please, don't hesitate to call for further information.


Home of some "Dam Good" cows.


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